Jungle Expeditions

What is a Jungle Expedition?

A jungle expedition is when you carry your own equipment and resources like water and food, whilst trekking through the rainforest. Normally as part of a group, guided by a local guide and at the end of each day you make camp and sleep overnight  at one of our jungle campsites. We offer a range of multiple day expeditions which enable participants to sample the traditional nomadic jungle lifestyle of the natives. During expedition our participants may broaden their knowledge, learn new skills & may get to see many different species of weird & wonderful animals. All of our expedition locations have been carefully selected for suitability and are areas of outstanding natural beauty. Each and every expedition in the rainforest is a unique experience & you never know what you might encounter. Please view our topics below which explain what each expedition involves;

Photography & Trail Cams 

On each & every trip We are passionate about capturing photographs of everything we experience together. From creepy crawlies to coffee by the campfire, we try and capture all. Whilst on expedition we may spot evidence of wildlife activity in the form of ground disturbance or footprints. At night, where possible we may take the opportunity to set up a trail camera within the proximity of our campsite. We are then able to identify any wildlife which visited the vicinity during our stay.  We always share photographs with clients after each program, free of charge.


Our guides will introduce you to the expedition location, methods of navigation. We have our own trails & each trekking route is predefined. All of our guides have a map & compass, although it all comes down to local knowledge and experience. We also carry a GPS in case of emergencies & you can be rest assured that each of our experienced expedition guides will safely navigate you through the jungle terrain. 

Jungle Survival Skills 

Whilst on expedition, our guides will Introduce various survival topics, such as; edible & poisonous plants, finding drinking water, animal tracking & demonstrate the use of traditional animal traps using tribal methods (for demonstration purposes only). Participants may even have the chance to sample and collect wild jungle fruits and vegetables. During our expeditions our guides will endeavour to introduce medicinal plants & their uses in traditional medicine & believe us, most of them actually work!

Expedition Cooking 

During expedition  we will introduce you to our equipment, show you the correct way to set up your stretcher-hammock & mosquito net & introduce you to other camp facilities. Food always tastes better when in the forest, we have a varied menu which depends on expedition duration & dietary requirements.  Where possible we may even collect wild fruits & vegetables and introduce them to our jungle recipes. This all depends on the location & time of year. 


On successful completion of an expedition participants may request a certificate of achievement endorsed by Borneo Outdoor Expeditions & your guide. Each certificate is printed on high quality card, with our very own company commonseal. These cost MYR 7.00 each and can be ordered from us directly.  

Leech Socks 

Our leech socks are locally made from 100% cotton & are designed to reduce the chances of leeches attaching themselves to your lower legs and feet during your expedition. These Leech socks are designed to protect your entire foot and may be fastened in to place using an elastic draw string which may be located just below the knee. Please click here to find out more information. 

Camp Craft 

During expedition our guides will show participants how to set up one of our camp-sites to ensure a comfortable and pleasant experience. We provide participants with a set of expedition equipment consisting of a stretcher-hammock, mosquito net, a plate, mug, cutlery & a whistle. When arriving at one of our jungle camps, we  will introduce you to our equipment, demonstrate the correct way to set up your sleeping system & introduce you to other camp facilities. 

Traditional crafts 

The natives of Borneo are capable of making many wonderful and unique & useful items from natural materials such as bamboo or rattan. 
Throughout our programs, there may be the opportunity for our guides to introduce some of these crafts, to include the preparation and use of a variety of trapping methods traditionally used for catching game.
Our clients may participate & when possible even learn to make something unique like a rattan bracelet, bamboo spoon, cup or even chopsticks. We usually introduce this activity during our expeditions when at one of our jungle camps within the forest.