Outdoor Shop

We have some useful items for sale that our participants may purchase in preparation for our activities:

Leech Socks (Code: LS001)


Locally made from 100% cotton our leech socks are designed to reduce the chances of leeches attaching themselves to your lower legs and feet. These Leech socks are designed to protect your entire foot and may be fastened in to place using an elastic draw string which may be located just below the knee.

Colour : Green (Colour may vary)

Sizes : One size fits all

Price : MYR 35.00 per pair

Rubber Jungle Shoes (Code: AK001)

Known locally as the Villager's Adidas, the design originated as an affordable shoe for football. Made from 100% Malaysian rubber these shoes are what the locals use for jungle trekking. Versatile and hard wearing, these shoes are like wearing a pair of tyres on your feet and will never let you down on slippery jungle rocks, crossing rivers or climbing steep slopes. 

Colour : Black

Sizes : Euro 36 (UK 3/US 2) to Euro 44 (UK 9/US 8)

Price : MYR 15.00 per pair

First Aid Kits (Code: FAK001)


Compact, durable first aid kits, complete with contents:

1 x Plastic Tweezer 1pair x Vinyl Gloves 3 x Triangular Bandage 5 x PBT Elastic Bandages 5 x Alcohol Pads 1 x Scissors 2 x Medical Tape 20 x Safety Pins 20 x Adhesive Bandage 2 x Wet Cleaning Wipes 2 x Dressing Pads 5 x Sterile Gauze Pad 2 x Swabs

All items have a long expiry until 2018.

Colour : Red

Size : Approximately 18 cm x 13 cm x 6.5 cm

Weight : 250g

Price : MYR 125.00 per kit

CPR Face Shield Keyring (Code: CPR001)


Compact size - with ventilation tube & 1 way valve. Comes in a hard wearing nylon pouch with a keyring.


Red (Colour may vary)


Approximately 5 cm x 5 cm x 1.5 cm


MYR 30.00 each