The Ulu Sawatan Project

The Ulu Sawatan Project : incorporates approximately 10 acres of privately owned land in the heart of the Crocker Mountain Range in the vicinity of the Ulu Sawatan village or 'kampung' located in the district of Papar. The Site consists of mixed secondary & primary forest teeming with wildlife which shares the southern border with the Crocker Range National Park. 

In 2018 we started to develop a network of trekking trails & established a permanent Jungle Camp 'Camp Dalit' with minimum disturbance to the surroundings. All timber used for construction has been recycled from left over logging activities between the 1970's & 1990's. 

Camp Dalit acts as a 'base' for our operations which has basic facilities, although no electricity; there's fast flowing gravity water that we filter for drinking & also use for our shower room and toilet. We also have a fully equipped kitchen & dining area capacity for 9 persons if using our 'stretcher hammocks' in the mid sleeping area. 

Located around a 15 minute trek from the Camp is the 'Ulu Sawatan Giant' which is the largest known dipterocarp in this section of the Crocker Mountain Range.